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Cemetery Locations

Cemetery NameTownshipLocationOther
Abner's CreekWashingtonRd. 150 N; East of 425 E
Abner/RaganMarion1000 ft. south of CR 400 N and 1800 ft. west of Clay Road in north edge of woods on H. Brown farm (N. 1/2 section of 19, T16N-R2W)9 graves
AdamsEel RiverEastern bank of Big Walnut Creek (SW 1/4 Sec. 28)
AmoClaySouth of 500 S; East of 525 W.end of S. Pearl Street
ArnoldCenter1.78 miles north of US 36 and 1650 ft. east of Counry Road monument, property mowed, no fence.
Arnold/StuartCenterState Road 39, north of County Road 350 N
Avon MethodistWashingtonsee Wesley Chapel/Avon Methodist
Avon United Methodist Church ColumbariumWashington6850 US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123
AyersCenterAlong Ellis Creek: N of 200 N
Bailey FarmUnionTwp. 17 N. Rd. West SectionOn Bailey Farm
BallardBrownRoad 700 N.; East of Rd. 1000 E.
BargoCenter50 North & 1/2 mile north of Danville
BarlowWashingtonRd. 600 E. 150 Nalso known as Reed or King cemetery
BellLincolnHufford Rd. - North Side of Rd. 350 N, East Side of Creek
Belleville TownLibertySouth of 40 in Belleville, INAbandoned
Bethel LutheranClayEast of 350 W; South of 650 S.Church Cemetery
BethesdaBrownS.R. 267 & Rd. 875 EChurch Cemetery
BridgeportWayneMarion County - Raceway Road, n. of U.S. 40
Brown - SmalleyLincoln120 Ft. E. of Rd. 950 E. and 4/10ths of a Mile S. of Co. Rd. 400 N.
BrownsburgLincolnEast side of 56th Street and Green Street in Brownsburg, IN.Greenlawn is on the West side of SR 267 at 56th Street.
BuchananLibertyWest of 150 E, South of 451 S
CampbellEel RiverNE 1/4, Section 4
CaywoodMiddleSouth of 425 N at 450 E
Center ValleyLibertyS.R. 39 & Rd. 900 S.Formerly Friendship Baptist
ChristieCenterS.R. 39 South of 200 S.
Clayton EastLiberty1/2 Mile North of U.S. 40 - 1 Mile South of Clayton on Rd. 0
Clayton WestLiberty1/2 Mile North of U.S. 40 , 1 mile south of Clayton on Rd. 0
CoatesvilleClayBetween S.R. 75 & 800 West at 550 S., Coatesville, IN
CoferCenter2500' N or CR 300N & 2600' E of CR 0 on a knoll4 red granite stones (closed to further burials)
Commissioners/Christie WestCenterWest Side S.R. 39; South of 200 S.Across the road from Christie East
CornettLibertySouth of 400 S., West of S.R. 39Family Cemetery
CraftonWashingtonNear Rd. 425 E & Rd. 225 NNE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 32, Washington Township.
CundiffUnion1/4 Mile North of Lizton on S.R. 39 & 900 N
Danville EastCenterEast Side of N. Wayne St.Danville, IN
Danville SouthCenterS.R. 39 South , south of US 36Danville, IN
DavisLibertySW 1/4 mile Section 5 East of 400 E., N of 600 S
DickersonMarionSouth of 350 N; East of S.R. 75
EvansBrown750 North & 1100 E
Fairfield Friends ChurchGuilfordRd. 1050 E. and 700 cemetery
FairviewEel RiverS.R. 236, North Salem, IN
FleeceEel RiverSW 1/4, Section 5
Friendship Missionary BaptistLibertySouth of 900 S., E of 100 EChurch Cemetery
FullenEel River3/4 Mile South of Jamestown, IN on Ross Road
GentryCenterWest of 200 W; South of 200 N.
Gentry Burial GroundFranklinOn 550 W.; South of 900 S.
Gossett/FoxWashingtonS.R. 267 & Rd. 100 S
Gossett/NeffEel RiverBetween Ross Rd. & 475 W South of U.S. 136
GreenlawnLincolnWest Side S.R.. 267 N. and 56th Street.Brownsburg, IN
GriffithUnionNorth of Lizton, IN
GrooverUnion2 Miles West of Lizton on 300 W; South of 1000 N
Hadley FriendsClayWest of 450 W; South of RailroadChurch Cemetery
Hadley/HoadleyGuilfordNorth Center StreetAbandoned; graves moved to Maple Hill Cemetery
HardwickCenterWest of 200 W; North of U.S. 36
HarmonLincolnSee McDaniel Cemetery
Hebron/NewmanFranklinHebron - West of S.R. 75, South of 700 S.
Hendricks County HomeCenternorth of New US 36 near County Homegraves moved to Danville South
HigginsMarionOlson Hunt Farm Rd. 100 N
HoadleyLincolnSouth of 450 N & West of 575 EFamily Cemetery
HytenCenterEast of 50 W; South at 200 N.
Indiana Boys' SchoolGuilfordWest of Plainfield on U.S. 40
Irons/MilesLibertytwo miles east on US 40, Belleville, IN
JohnsonBrownS.R. 267 North of 1000 N. (Section 15)Located app. 1 mile south of Fayette, IN on the west side of SR 267 in Hendricks County.
Jones/Eel RiverEel RiverWest of Rd. 0 Between 750 N. and 800 N, SE 1/2
Jones/LibertyLiberty.2 mi. N. of CR 800S & about 900' W of CR 0SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.16, T14N - R1W
KigerCenterWest of 100 E; Near Bargo Cemetery
KingWashingtonsee Barlow Cemetery
LeachUnionS 1/2 Section 6 T16N R1W
LeakUnionWest of S.R. 39; North of 1025 E
Lick BranchGuilfordThis cemetery was originally in Marion County and was near a runway at the Indianapolis International Airport. The graves were moved to Fairfield Friends Cemetery in Guilford Township around 2004.
LingemanLincolnWashington St. & Acre Ave. off St.Rd. 267 N.
Lizton Knights of PythiasUnionEast of State Rd. 39 S. Lizton, INKnights of Pythias Cemetery
LockmanEel RiverE. of creek SW 1/4 Sec. 22, T17N-R2WNo stone found
LongMiddleBetween 350 N & 500 N; Just East of Union Twp. Line
MacedoniaBrownWilson Rd. South of Rd. 950 N.
Maple HillGuilford645 Harding Street (Harding and Stafford Rds.)Plainfield, IN
MartinEel RiverS. side of SR 234 near curve S. from 1100 NStones not found in 1999 survey
MarvelBrownWilson Rd. East of Rd. 1050 E. at 8912 Jules Lane (private property)Two known graves: Robert Marvel and wife Sarah Marvel
McClainWashingtonTownship 15 N Range 1W Sect. 32 S E Quarter N at 500 S
McCormackLibertyTownship 15 N Range 1W Section 32 S E Quarter N at 500S
McDanielLincolnHalf a mile west of Brownsburg, IN on US 136. Northeast 1/4 of Section 10 in Lincoln Township. North side of US 136.Also called Harmon Cemetery.
MerrittWashingtonS W of Avon - E of S.R. 267 N 100 SOn Dr. Mason Farm
Mill CreekCenterRd. 200 W 200 S
Montgomery ChurchUnionSouth of Lizton; South of 800 N, West of S.R. 39Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
MoravianClayCoatesville, IN - West of 800 W., South of 500 S.
Mt. PleasantCenterNorth of St. Rd. 236; South of 350 N.
Neff CemeteryEel RiverTownship 17N, Range 2W , Section 14
New Winchester / RaganMarionSouth of New Winchester - East Side of S.R. 75
New Winchester BaptistMarionNorth Side Rd. U.S. 36 & East Rd. 75see also Ragan Cemetery for New Winchester
NicholsCenterRd. 200 W; South of U.S. 36
NolandMarionSE 1/4 of Section 24, T16N R2Wno information could be located on this cemetery
North BranchLibertySoutheast of Belleville, IN on County Road 900 S. Near the merge of 900S and 425E. Cemetery is on the south side of 900S.
North LawnWashingtonsee Wesley Chapel/Avon Methodist
North Salem BaptistEel RiverMiddle of North Side of Section 6Church Cemetery
Old Shiloh MethodistWashingtonOff Shiloh Rd. Between 100 N & 200 N (This first Shiloh Methodist cemetery was located "about one mile northeast on a knoll in the woods...")original burying grounds for Shiloh Methodist Church. See Ruth Prithard's "Hendricks County Churches" H277.772 P961h
PageEel RiverSW 1/4, NE 1/4; Section 7Family Cemetery
Peck GravesMarionHatcher Farm
PenningtonEel RiverW 1/2, SE 1/4; Section 29, West side of North SalemFamily Cemetery
PittsboroMiddleHighway 136 West of 475 ESupplement to White Lick Baptist
Plainfield United Methodist Church ColumbariumGuilford600 Simmons Street, Plainfield, INThis is a cremains burial site and is located outside the north east corner of the Plainfield, IN United Methodist Church.
Pleasant Hill M.E.FranklinWest of 625 W, North of 700 S.Church Cemetery
Prebster / SpicklemireLincolnNorth Side S.R. 136, East of Rd. 475 N
Primitive BaptistCenterWest Half of the East Cemetery in Danville, IN
PritchettUnionNorth East Rd. 200 W; Between 625 N & 725 N
RamseyGuilfordOn White Lick Creek South of 800 S.
ReedWashingtonsee Barlow Cemetery
RichardsonEel River.65 m. S. of CR 800N on E. side of CR775W on knoll3 stones visable/many depressions
RobbinsMarionwest 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 22. T16N, R2WLocated on private land
RobertsMiddleSouth of 350 N; Between 425 & 500 E
RoundtownEel River17N - R2W (N 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 16, T16N - R2W)First town in Eel River Twnshp. Only the name lingers.
RynerMarionWest of New Winchester
Salem BaptistWashingtonRaceway Rd. & Rd. 200 NChurch Cemetery
Salem MethodistLibertyRd. 850 S & 375 EChurch Cemetery
SearsMarionEast of Rd. 400 W & 65 Rods South of Rd. 200 N.
ShannonMarion300 Rods North of Rd. 200 N, and 80 Rods West of Rd. 425 W.
Shiloh BaptistWashingtonS 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Sec 32 T16N R2E
Shiloh MethodistWashington1/2 mile south of 10th Street; off of 1050 E; North of U.S. 36; Section 5Church Cemetery
SnoddyFranklinCorner of 900 S & 350 W.Family Cemetery
SparksBrownRd. 750 N. & Rd. 550 E.
Spring Friends/Old FriendsClayAt 425 S at 475 W.Church Cemetery
Spring HillLibertyon Cartersburg Road, north of Cartersburg, INiron gate entrance. Also known as Spring Hill/Moon or Guynn Cemetery.
Springtown MethodistClayAt 400 S at 475 W.Church Cemetery
St. AugustineCenterNorth of U.S. 36 on Washington St., Danville, INMemorial Gardens
St. Malachy / St. Malachy EastLincolnThis is known as St. Malachy Cemetery. "East" is not used anymore. Green Street-- north of  56th St., Brownsburg, IN. Graves surround a large white cross. Associated with St. Malachy Catholic Church in Brownsburg.Church Cemetery
St. Malachy NorthLincolnSee: St. Malachy East. They are the same cemetery
St. Malachy WestMiddleU.S. 136 East of Pittsboro; North Side of Rd.also known as St. Malachy North
Stewart/ArnoldCenterS.R. 39, North of 350 N.
StilesvilleFranklinNW 1/4, Section 22 T, 15 N.Stilesville, IN
Sugar GroveGuilfordRd. 700 E; North of 600 S.Church Cemetery
TemplinCenterEast of 50 W; South of 200 N.
TinderMarion600 ft. N of 350N and 1100 ft. W of 425W. Section 23, W 1/2 of NE 1/4.Family Cemetery. Located on private land. Ask for permission to trespass.
TrotterEel RiverBetween 650 N and 700 N West of 400 W.
TurnerMarionLocated on Wayne Plunkett's farm @ 600 ft. north of CR 200N on the east bank of Hunt Creek, about 2000 ft. west of CR 525 W. Trees grown up through the fencing. East 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 27. T16N-R2W
TurpinLincolnSouth of Rd. 300 N., West of 1000 E.
UngleLibertyNortheast Side of Belleville, IN
Unknown CemeteryHendricks County cemetery location is unknown.Information on this person was taken from the book "Hendricks County, Indiana Deaths with Burial in County, 1992-1990" published by County Seat Genealogical Society.This book is available in the local history department, call # HR 977.253 H498d
VanniceMarionSection 30, NE 1/4
Vieley/Union TownshipUnionS. of US 136 between SR 39 and 50W
WalkerLincoln56th St. & Hunter Rd.
Walnut GroveFranklinEast of Rd. 500 W, and 1 1/4 Miles South of Rd. 900 S.
WardLincolnKeith Garner Farm S.R. 267 1 Mile North of Brownsburg
WeaverMiddleRoad 800 North, 500 E
Wesley Chapel/Avon Meth.WashingtonNorth Side Rockville Rd. West of AvonOriginally North Lawn
West Branch FriendsClayEast Edge of Coatesville, INChurch Cemetery
White Lick BaptistMiddleU.S. 136 East at Pittsboro South SideChurch Cemetery
White Lick Burial GroundsGuilfordRidge East of Old Rd. 267 - 1 1/2 Miles North of Mooresville (half mile north of the Morgan/Hendricks County line). There is only one marker. Used from about 1823-1826. About 37 graves. No marker except one stone.Friends
White Lick North BranchLibertysee entry for North Branch
White Lick PresbyterianWashington/LincolnEast side of 600 E, north of 200 NOld W.L. Presby. on Lincoln Twnshp Line
ZimmermanEel RiverSE 1/4, NE 1/4, Section 6; Rd. 675 N, 775 W.